Aoxomoxoa (Limited Edition Electric Blue Colored Vinyl Record)



  • Official Grateful Dead Vinyl Record
  • Exclusive Electric Blue Colored Vinyl
  • Limited to 1,000 Pressings
  • Iconic Grateful Dead Album, ’71 Jerry Garcia Remix Version
First released in 1969, the Grateful Dead’s Aoxomoxoa is one of the legendary band’s greatest albums. The group actually recorded the album twice, discarding the first attempt titled Earthquake Country after the studio they were recording at in San Mateo acquired one of the first sixteen-track recorders in the world. This new technology gave the band new ideas to experiment with, which would in-turn create what some critics would call the “peak” of the Grateful Dead’s psychedelics. 


Jerry Garcia decided he didn’t like the the mix they would go on to release in ’69, however, and remixed the record in 1971. He stripped out some of the hard-to-hear sounds, a choir from “Mountains of the Moon” and other tweaks to tighten the sound for a brighter mix. 


That experimentation, and time it would take to record with 16 tracks to tinker with, would ultimately bring a heavy price tag with it. Aoxomoxoa cost a total of $180,000 to produce, making it the Grateful Dead’s most expensive record ever. The entire experience was enlightening to them, and they vowed to never find themselves in that level of debt again. 


This limited edition and exclusive electric blue pressing of Aoxomoxoa features the ’71 remix; the final cut from Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead’s “experimental zenith” record. Only 1,000 pressings of this edition were made. 


  1. St. Stephen
  2. Dupree’s Diamond Blues
  3. Rosemary
  4. Doin’ That Rag
  5. Mountains of the Moon
  6. China Cat Sunflower
  7. What’s Become of the Baby
  8. Cosmic Charlie


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